6 Toy Story Halloween Costume Ideas You May Not Have Thought Of

6 Toy Story Halloween Costume Ideas You May Not Have Thought Of

6 Toy Story Halloween Costume Ideas You May Not Have Thought Of

This year one of the block buster movies was Pixar’s Toy Story 3. The long awaiting third movie in the franchise was an instant hit at the box office grossing more than almost all other films and beat only by Alice in Wonderland.

This Halloween most kids will be dressed up as either Woody, Buzz or Jessie but if you want to be unique dress as up one of the 6 toys below as all three of them have costumes available for purchase.

Rex – The fearsome dinosaur who thinks he is not just that scary enough. The costume includes a green shirt, gloves, the telltale dinosaur tail, and a headpiece. It comes in children and adult sizes.

Mr. Potato Head – The sarcastic, potato-shaped toy whose parts are constantly broken away from his main body by some weird twist of fate. A licensed costume is also available for Mrs. Potato Head which is perfect for a couple costume or a costume for a brother and sister.

Hamm – The Piggy Bank known for his witticisms. Hamm’s costume is available for little girls and includes a pink piggy bank overall dress packed with foam on the inside and a long-sleeved black shirt. This is a really cute costume that is instantly recognizable by others.

The Little Green Men – Three, three-eyed aliens in blue jumpsuits. You can ask two of your friends to go with you or find a big group of people to dress up, add some toy guns and you’ll be the talk of the neighborhood.

Bo Peep – Girls can dress up as this little sheep herder who is by far the cutest toy in the toy box with her little pink and blue dress, bonnet, hat and staff.

Alien – Last but not least is the cute alien. These costumes are great and really attract attention with the green 3 eyed heads. Remember to follow the Claw… it is your Leader!

So don’t go with the same old Buzz, Woody and Jessie costume, stand out, be different and choose Rex, Mr and Mrs Potato Head, Little Green Men, Bo Peep or Alien costumes instead!

write by Edsel