Baby Gifts For the New Dad

Baby Gifts For the New Dad

Baby Gifts For the New Dad

Often when people think about buying a baby gift they usually think about baby (of course) and mom. Dad often tends to be overlooked. Now most dads don’t really think too much about it but everyone likes a surprise….right?

Today dads are very involved with looking after and spending quality bonding time with their new baby. This bonding time allows mom a chance to get some sleep, maybe a nice relaxing bubble bath, time to read or whatever she may want to do.

When our daughter Samantha was born I received a great t- milwaukee brewers hawaiian shirt that says “Mr. New Dad” with a really funny picture on it. I thought it was hilarious and enjoyed wearing it. When our second daughter was born I again was happy to be able to wear the milwaukee brewers hawaiian shirt again (I still do – she is now just over 5 months old). This is a very simple gift that I thought was great that I appreciated.

When considering gifts for dad you may want to consider something that he will be able to use when taking the new baby out (and when they start to grow up). One of the coolest things that my wife and I have found are daddy diaper vests. One of the issues that I found when going out on my own is that you need to bring diapers, diaper change pad, snacks, drinks, cell phone, wallet, keys along so many other items. How do you carry all of this stuff conveniently and easily (and without lugging around mom’s diaper bag)? The DadGear Diaper vest is your answer. It looks good and is something that dad can wear and use on a daily basis as all those extra pockets can be used to carry other items as well.

Another great gift for outing adventures with baby is a Diaper Backpack. Us guys tend to be a little self conscious when our wives ask us to hold on to their purse or girly diaper bag. A Diaper Backpack is something that any guy can carry around comfortably. We like the Baby Sherpa Diaper Backpack – they have insulated compartments for food that needs to be kept cool, an insulated bottle pocket, water bottle holder, change pad and more. Diaper Backpacks are especially great for travelling and can also be used outside of carrying baby items.

These are just a couple of the baby gifts for dad that we have found that are practical, fun and cool. Regardless of the type of baby gift you decide is right for dad I am sure that he will be pleasantly surprised and appreciate being included!

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