Christmas Gifts For a Man

Christmas Gifts For a Man

Christmas Gifts For a Man

We have scoured the web looking for very unique and special gifts for guys. After careful consideration, here are our top picks…

1) Spot Satellite Messenger – Never worry again when your man is out in the wilderness. You never need worry if he will come home again, because this little device will let you know where he is. It’s small at a mere 8oz, but it’s packed with features. For starters, he will now have the ability to track his adventures and travels. He will be able to keep you up to date on his current location. Many agree with us…this little device was voted the Backpacker Magazine 2008 Editors Choice Award.

2) Every guy has dreamed of being James Bond. Fun and adventure and oh boy…those gadgets. Here’s a little item that reminds us of our favorite 007. The “Secret Agent Watch” contains a hidden camcorder, yet it is small enough that he can wear it all the time. Spy camera, hidden camera, or both? Let him decide. It has a Swiss Quartz Movement, built-in 2GB flash memory, and a rechargeable lithium battery. You can record up to 2 hours of video, and voice as well. Works with Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

3) For the guy who loves cars, we have the perfect gift. Does he salivate at the mere thought of a “1966 Mustang Shelby GT”. Well, unless you have “strong arms” and “deep pockets” it’s going to be real hard to stuff one of those under the tree. But, there is still a way that you can show you understand his desire for his favorite car…get him the next best thing…an authentic replica of it. DieCast Models has tons of makes and models available. From Fords to Toyotas, and Hummers to Lamborghinis, DieCast Models seems to have them all.

4) If the guy in your sights is a tad more adventurous, why not get him Fighter Pilot Experience? He will be able to experience dogfights and adrenaline rushes in hands-on combat engagements. If he’s not into fighter jets, this company offers many other adventures. Think he might like to ride to the edge of space? How about a ride in a NASCAR? Fancy a day with the team that trains the Navy SEALs? Check out all that this company has to offer.

5) Is the guy you are thinking about a sports fan? If he is, we have just the deal. The company we are thinking of is the ultimate NFL, NBA, NHL, College, NASCAR, and MMA Sports Shop. You can browse this site for hours and come up with the perfect gift for that special someone.

6) Dinn Bros. offers a “Build Your Own Trophy” kit. Now, even if that special man has never won a thing in his life, you can present him with his own trophy. The process is simple enough… (1) Pick the award type. (2) Add a figure or emblem and choose a color. (3) Personalize it with your own message.

7) When all else fails, get a T-Shirt, right? Well, StylinOnline is not just any T-Shirt company. There are T-Shirts available for almost anything you can think of. Examples? WWE Wrestling, Matrix, Orange County Choppers, Bruce Lee, Marilyn Monroe, Guitar Hero, the Sopranos, World of Warcraft, Rock Band, Star Trek, “you name it”…

write by Godiva