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Comic Books - The Hulk Comics

Comic Books - The Hulk Comics

The Hulk is a strong super hero. He is big and he is green, but he is not always The Hulk, he is Bruce Banner. Bruce is a scientist who works for the military. He is working on a machine dealing with gamma rays on a desert testing site when, one day, someone runs out onto the testing ground. Bruce notices the person running out there and he tries to stop the machine from powering up and firing a gamma shot out onto the testing ground. He can’t stop the machine, so he throws his body onto the machine and absorbs all the gamma energy himself.

When Bruce wakes up he feels OK and thinks that nothing has happened to him due to jumping on the machine. He then discovers that whenever someone makes him angry, he turns into The Hulk. When he’s angry, Bruce starts shaking, and then he starts growing in size and mass. This causes his viking t shirt to rip off and he turns green. He always seems to keep his pants though, due to them tearing slightly, but not enough to tear them all the way.

The Hulk is a giant, about the size of a small house. It also is worth noting that The Hulk and Bruce Banner are not the same person. The Hulk thinks on his own and Bruce cannot control The Hulk once he becomes The Hulk. He is a powerful, strong, and dangerous hero due to his rage. The military knows this and they try to stop him with everything that they have. You will see tanks fired at The Hulk in the comic, but he smashes them with his super strength. They use helicopters, but The Hulk just takes a tank, grabs it by the gun, spins it around and throws it at the helicopter knocking it out the air.

The Hulk gets stronger based on how angry he becomes, so the more tanks, planes, or whatever else the Military aim at him, the more you can expect to see him tear through everything, which makes for a great comic.

The comic has super villains which The Hulk fights too, most of which have the same super strength he has, and this makes for some more high impact, action fighting with lots of objects being thrown around the environment.

The Hulk will turn back into Bruce when his anger calms down. This comic is not like Spiderman, a hero that can turn into a super hero whenever there is danger around. The Hulk is different because when he is around, he destroys things, and not many people can talk to him and tell him what he must do. He has limited vocabulary and says phrases like “Hulk Smash”.

If you are a super hero fan or like action comics with lots of stuff smashed and thrown, then this one is a great one for you to check out. The Hulk is all about action adventure.

write by Rowena