Couture Dog Fashion – Not Just For the Runway Anymore!

Couture Dog Fashion - Not Just For the Runway Anymore!

Couture Dog Fashion - Not Just For the Runway Anymore!

Dog coats were treated as being a part of designer dog clothes till sometimes back. But that perception has changed now and most of the large and small dog coats that you come across today have an added feature or functionality to them. In this write-up, we would be taking a look at some such designer dog clothes that have assumed larger roles with changing times and needs. These are the products that have been produced as outcomes of heavy petting, and if you love your dog, you will love these products as well.

Probably the most apparent reason for using a dog coat is to protect your dog against insane weather conditions. Whilst most dog coats aim at giving protection against the biting cols, there are some that act as rain coats and help to keep your dog dry during the monsoon months. Since dogs do not have a precipitation system and have virtually no sweat glands, it can really be irritating for the dog if its skin remains damp for a prolonged period of time. To protect your dog from such an eventuality, it is a must to get him a rain coat. Apart from rain-coats, there is an innovative range of rain-gears and accessories available in the market today. Most rain-jackets provide respite against rain and chilly winds and most stretch from collar to tail, covering the length and breadth of your dog’s body.

If you want further coverage, and your dog is comfortable with that, you can set in for a detachable hood as well, covering your dog’s head, up to the eyes. Apart from the standard rain-jackets, you get fleece jackets in fluorescent colors, which not only protect your pup from harsh weather, but are also fashionable. Fleece is light-weight and repels hair and odor. It is also an easy to wash material, ensuring that you don’t have to go through hell while cleaning it.

Apart from jackets, you can get your dog boots, or ‘booties’ as they are affectionately called. A dog’s pawn is very sensitive to climatic change and vulnerable to pointed objects such as thorns and nails, which might be lying anywhere on the road. Booties also add style and fashion to your doggie’s feet. Definitely, a must have fashion cum utility gear. Some dogs are not always comfortable wearing boots or jackets. Certain dogs even find it difficult to walk perfectly with those boots on. Therefore, care must be taken to ensure that your dog is comfortable in any apparel you get him to wear. This will ascertain that the dog doesn’t fall off or get mis-balanced while running or climbing stairs, which might lead to a fracture.

Finally to end with our list of accessories with utilities, we would recommend getting your dog a fleece t-shirt. The benefit of a fleece t- viking style veteran hoodies is more candid for those who are living in the tropical regions of the world. Fleece is a light fabric and is totally resistant to water; therefore, a fleece egypt t shirt keeps the dog dry, while not suffocating him with the warmth of a rain-jacket, which would end up making your dog feel hot under the humid tropical climate.

write by victor young