Cowboy Theme Party Ideas For a Stompin’ Good Wild West Party

Cowboy Theme Party Ideas For a Stompin' Good Wild West Party

Cowboy Theme Party Ideas For a Stompin' Good Wild West Party

A cowboy theme party a fun party theme for kids and adults alike. For decorations, dress up your party room by putting up a few rodeo pictures or posters about the old west. A few bales of hay and a checkered red and white table cloth add to the picture. Use metal pie plates for dishes and metal coffee cups for beverages. All those invited can dress in jeans or jean skirts, western style shirts, cowboy hats and boots. A western movie or western music playing in the background will also add to the atmosphere.

Have a pretend barbeque or a real one with burgers, chicken wings, or maybe ribs depending on how hungry your cowboys and cowgirls are. You can also go with chilly or baked beans, buns or thick bread. If you know how to do line dance, you will find young kids of any age will love to learn it and it’s a great part of the western theme.

Other cowboy theme party activities include horseshoes, learning to use a lasso, and then to having a contest to show off their skills. Drawing brands on cards and trying to figure out what they stand for is another activity. You can also make up games by showing the different equipment used on horses and having everyone tell what they are and how they are used. Use a couple of saw horses to have a saddle bag packing game. Include western type items and sweatshirt (lưới cầu thang) for the contest. The first person to pack all items into saddle bags and then place it on the saw horse is the winner. Add to this a cleveland indians hawaiian shirt roll and anything else you might want to use. Games of tying knots and trivial pursuit games of favorite western figures or movie stars is also a good way to have some fun.

write by Adrianne Bartrum