Easy Steps To Fasten A Tie Correctly

Easy Steps To Fasten A Tie Correctly

Easy Steps To Fasten A Tie Correctly

Although a tie is a purely decorative item of sweatshirt (lưới an toàn ban công), it is an essential part of a man’s wardrobe. Whether you wear a tie for work, a function such as a wedding, business meeting or just to express your personality, they are definitely an essential accessory. Ties are usually worn with a cincinnati bengals t shirt and usually accompanied by a jacket, although they can be worn casually without a jacket.

It is essential that if your going to wear a tie, unless you opt for a clip on version, that you are able to fasten it correctly, in order to look good and be comfortable with your attire.

Before you start fastening your tie, make sure that the top button of your cincinnati bengals t shirt is fastened correctly, and you cincinnati bengals t shirt collar is up. This ensures that the collar can be repositioned correctly at the back of your shirt, covering the tie at the back, to avoid looking untidy.

It is advisable to stand in front of a mirror for this process, to ensure the correct tying and this allows for inspection, making sue the knot and length of the tie is adjusted to provide the perfect finish.

You may need to practice several times if you haven’t worn a tie before as it takes a little time to perfect. When you are proficient, the procedure is quite simple, and it will give you the desired look of elegance and style.

The basic method is known as the Four in Hand Knot which gives a narrow, discreet knot, which is suitable for most shirts. Standing in front of the mirror, place your tie around your neck. The wider side of the tie should be on your preferred side, but for this example we will use the right side. Ensure the wider end is much lower than the thinner end, approximately 12 inches lower.

Cross the wide side of the tie over the top of the thinner side, wrapping underneath and then laying back over in front again, leaving your fingers in place.

Pull the wider of the tie up through the loop around your neck and push through the smaller loop that has been retained by your fingers, pulling the wider end all the way through, and then remove your fingers.

Now holding the thinner end, which should be at the back, pull the front of the tie, which should be the wider side, this will tighten the knot slightly, but don’t pull too tight.

Gently supporting the front of your tie, pull the thinner side, and with your other hand gently slide the knot up towards your neck. When the knot is in place, the front of your tie should be approximately level with your waist, with the other end concealed behind. If this is not the case, you may want to start the procedure again, but this time ensure the thinner side of the tie is higher up before you start.

Practice makes perfect and it is definitely worth investing a little time, to ensure that you acquire an elegant look.

write by Ethelbert