Expressing Ourselves With The Colors We Wear

Expressing Ourselves With The Colors We Wear

Expressing Ourselves With The Colors We Wear

There are many ways we as humans can express ourselves without using words. We can express ourselves with body language, cues, gestures, so on and so forth. We also express ourselves most vividly using fashion. What we wear can say 1,000 words about ourselves without even knowing it. For the sake of time, we will just focus on the primary colors. What we put on for the day can also let people in on our moods and/or the depths of our souls. Wearing red exudes confidence. Wearing red is empowering and defines capability and dominance. All qualities of a leader. It is also the color of sensuality, aggression, passion, and boldness. Another bold color that is sure to attract attention is orange. Many associate wearing orange with creativity, enthusiasm, warmth, happiness, ambition, and harnessing new opportunities. People say when you wear yellow often, it is a sign of your vivaciousness and you will probably spend the entire day laughing because it represents your sublime femininity. Wearing a yellow dress suggests that you are an active, creative, and exciting woman.

There are some mixed feelings about wearing green. It is an earth tone and most associated with the earth. There is also a myth surrounding green spirited leprechauns. According to Fables, Leprechauns are short spirits that take the form of an old man in a red or green coat. They are mischievous and like to make veteran hoodies . They place their gold coins in a pot of gold that is hidden at the end of a rainbow. If you catch one, he will give you three wishes provided you let him go. Therefore, green is normally associated with luck. It is also a color of security, abundance, growth and balance. The negative opposite this color is associated with is envy. It is strongly recommended to only wear this color when you are open to different perspectives, need to feel grounded, calm, and generous. Don’t wear this color when you’re confused and unsure, feel stagnant, and want to be alone. Wearing this color will only intensify those emotions.

Wearing blue lets people know that you are an authoritarian. You are morally strict and have little patience for disorganization and zero tolerance for those you can’t depend on because you are a dependable person. You are trustworthy and loyal to the core. However, too much blue can come across as coldness to some people. When you want to exude power, have mental control, communicate an important message, and represent conservativeness than you should wear blue to accentuate this purpose.

Wearing Indigo is a sign of great discovery. It is a sign that you mastered opening your third eye. You have a greater awareness of what is going on in the world around you. Your perception is spot on as well as your intuition. Listen to your innermost thoughts because they are guiding you in the right direction to happiness and abundance. The color indigo represents power and dignification. It also conveys integrity and deep sincerity. When you are wearing indigo, you are expressing your great devotion, wisdom and balance because you are a fair and impartial person. You seek justice and have a distaste for ambiguity.

The color violet- purple is associated with creativity, insight, and love of art. When you wear purple, it indicates you are an emotional and sensitive person so family and friends should tread lightly because your feelings get hurt easily leaving you emotionally scarred for some time. You are also dreamy, passionate, and love the occult.

There are two colors that I think are also worth mentioning because they are worn so much: black and white. When you wear black you mean business because it is a color that is taken seriously. Wearing black is a statement that says, “I am an ambitious person.” Whatever they do is done with purpose and intent. They can be sensitive as they are emotional and wear their heart on their sleeve-literally. It is all or nothing with them. Do not be deceived by their outward appearances because beneath that houston astros polo is smoldering intensity. They are also easily excitable because they have a heightened sense of awareness. Wearing white represents purity or innocence. Wearing a white dress at a wedding was often thought to convey the bride’s virginity. White is bright and adds highlights.

If you believe what I have written is incorrect. I implore you to do your own research behind what wearing colors symbolizes and how it is associated with our subconscious mind.


Wanda Collins

Devoted mother of 3 who has a passion for fashion and home decor.

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