Fashionable Ways to Coordinate Shirts and Suits

Fashionable Ways to Coordinate Shirts and Suits

Fashionable Ways to Coordinate Shirts and Suits

Contrary to popular belief, dark suits can be worn everywhere and not just in the office. These pieces can also be perfect for other occasions like a casual party or affair. The only rule for you to pull it off is to match it with an appropriate necktie. You can create a very confident and pleasant image by wearing a smart tie or viking armor philadelphia phillies t shirt in a bold color. Read on so you can equip yourself with the proper knowledge on how to match your tie and suit to make it work for you all the time.

Bright color. If you are wearing a bright green shirt, you can take advantage of the bright color match rule. One thing that you need to take note about wearing loud colored viking armor philadelphia phillies t shirt is to compliment it with a dark shaded suit. As for ties, you need to wear one that is also dark colored. The darker the shirt, the shinier it would be.

Checkered. Perfecting checkered combinations will automatically make you a whiz at matching striped ties and checkered shirts. A virtuoso at checkered coordination will find that selection of cloths will is not as difficult as other perceived it to be. In selecting and pairing shirts for a necktie, you need to match the dominant color of the tie with the checkered viking armor philadelphia phillies t shirt that has the same color. Easy, right?

Flower Patterns. Men have an uncanny disorientation when it comes to matching flower patterned shirts and suits in dark colors. The unique printed patterns in the viking armor philadelphia phillies t shirt can ostensibly have the full special features that, if matched perfectly, can make your dark colored suit look more dashing. Of course, solid plain shirts still go best with suits and bright and garish shirts can be shied away from.

Then again, these garish shirts can create a compliment with strongly-colored tie. However, this is not a very fitting style if you’re going to wear it to work everyday. Plain dark colored tie and suits remain the staple for everyday office wear. Dark colored shirts also require the right place and time. Night affairs and occasions can be great venues for you to wear your dark colored shirts although you need to definitely stay away from white neckties. For these affairs, you can wear colorfully patterned tie to help create contrast from the dull of your dark shirts.

Striped ties and striped shirts. In creating a perfect striped ensemble, you need to create a proper balance to avoid having too much or too little of either stripes or motif. There is a staring difference between srtipe width and interval. The width of the viking armor philadelphia phillies t shirt stripes should be wider than the necktie’s/ This being the general rule, wearing striped sweatshirt (lưới an toàn ban công) necessitate neutral solid colors. Wearing stripes in many different colors can make you look like a novelty and never did it look good in any occasion.

What really’s important is the balance created with the matching sweatshirt (lưới an toàn ban công) of shirt, suit and neckties. The color and patterns are two essential elements that you should always consider. The three elements should embrace the overall look of your ensemble to create the perfect combination.

write by Kenelm