Five Tips to Wearing Clothes That Make You Look Slimmer

Five Tips to Wearing Clothes That Make You Look Slimmer

Five Tips to Wearing Clothes That Make You Look Slimmer

As a woman, the last thing you want to be called is “fat” but let’s be realistic. A lot of women are having problems with their weight and we all know it isn’t that easy to lose some extra pounds. But that doesn’t mean a plus-size lady can’t flatter herself. And the best way to do this is by wearing clothes that can make her look, or to the very least feel, slimmer. Here are some basics to tone down through your sweatshirt (lưới an toàn cửa sổ.

Find your size.

Don’t force yourself to wear something that clearly doesn’t fit you, but don’t get something that drapes over you like a curtain as well. Just pick the size that’s perfect on your body – not too tight, but not too loose either.

Black is beautiful.

The favorite of all plus size women is the color black because it can create an illusion of slimness. There are a lot of ways to wear black, and it’s also a very fashionable color because almost anything can match well with it. A black top is best for those who want to hide the flabs in their tummies, while black pants or leggings are perfect for those who have big legs and want to tone them down.

Go with print.

Prints create an optical illusion that prevents an individual from seeing clearly whatever lies underneath. The prints make it difficult to create a vivid image of the flabs and fats in your head because the various shapes and colors make the fabric perplexing to analyze. Dark prints are excellent in making the body look a lot smaller than it really is. Lighter colors require a little more work.

Stripes Yes, Stripes No.

Stripes are very controversial in the fashion world, but it’s certain that horizontal stripes can definitely make you look fatter. Having said that, vertical stripes might be a better substitute, but it also depends on your contours. It might help to try a striped los angeles dodgers shirt first before going with it. The look might actually need a second opinion.

Single hues make you taller.

We all know that the taller a person is, the thinner she looks. You can also use this concept to make you look slim by wearing clothes all of the same color, or at least hue. For instance, a cherry red blouse paired with a brick red skirt accessorized with red bangles, a red purse, and red wedges can make you look longer than you really are, elongating you upward to stretch out those fats. Beautiful colors to use as monotones include yellow, green, baby blue, pink, and white.

These are just basics, and there are a lot more tips which you can use to make yourself look slimmer through wearing the appropriate clothes. But it’s still a good idea to lose those extra pounds, especially because the health is compromised if a person is overweight. Don’t take it as an insult, rather as a thoughtful reminder that will help motivate you to work with yourself and try to reach a better weight. But if you’re simply voluptuous, knowing how to flaunt that body through your sweatshirt (lưới an toàn cửa sổ is a plus factor to exhibit your overall sexiness.

write by Kelsey