Getting A Job Today And What You Should Know – Jobs And Careers

Getting A Job Today And What You Should Know - Jobs And Careers

Getting A Job Today And What You Should Know - Jobs And Careers

Getting a job lately can be a daunting task. Armed with a little knowledge, you can even the odds in your favor. You need every weapon you can get for the fight for a job. There is more and more competition, so you need to be prepared. Are you ready to learn about Jobs and Careers?

The first thing you want to do when preparing for an interview is to research it to find out as close as you can what your job tasks would consists of. Once you do this, you will have the knowledge to sell yourself better to the company. You should highlight the qualities that make you qualified for the job.

Next, make sure to dress the part. If this is not an executive position, then don’t dress like an executive. Dress the part. This is probably not a good time to wear your Beavis and Butthead shirt.

Think about what you are going to say but don’t try to memorize a speech. Write down important topics, even if you don’t use it the act of writing it down will help you come up with and remember details.

Try to imagine what the interviewer will ask and answer your questions. The top questions are usually, why did you leave your last job and what motivates you. Imagine you were the interviewer and decide what you would ask. You will probably come pretty close to what they will ask, at least on some of the questions. Don’t just answer the questions but elaborate on them. Talk a little but don’t oversell yourself.

Be prepared for a phone interview at a moments notice. A representative could call to ask some preinterview questions.

Don’t lie. You should have a pretty darn good idea about how to do the required tasks, you don’t want this to bite you later. This isn’t the time to tell them about the time you and the guys had a drink at lunch and got carried away, literally.

Be relaxed but aware and alert. Don’t appear nervous. Nervousness implies that you are not telling the truth. Remember these people are trained to read your body language in order to pick up hints about you. Look them in the eye, don’t cross your arms and don’t slouch. Use gestures but do not over do it.

Ask a couple of questions yourself. Remember that you are also interviewing the employer to see if you actually wish to work there. You must seem motivated but not overly eager.

write by STEVE BROWN