Getting the Ex Back – Tips and Strategies

Getting the Ex Back - Tips and Strategies

Getting the Ex Back - Tips and Strategies

Girls, are you in deep pain because of the recent breakup?

Oh come on, stop acting as if it is the end of the world. Do you think that by not going out of your room, you can persuade your ex that you are too good to be dumped? Come on, look at the reality and start working all your effort in getting the ex back.

This article will discuss those tips that will help you have him back, just read on…

The first thing that you can do is to wipe those unsightly tears away. Stop crying because it will never help, even if you shed blood as tears! Instead of looking attractive, you will have those ugly eye bags because of continuous sobbing and grumbling. Be normal again and control your emotion, PLEASE!

So you are thinking that you are going to storm into his office and cry until he shows some concern so he will take you back. Of course, force can make things possible but it will never get a single drop of love from one person. Unless you would like to have him back because force and not of love, go on with your foolishness! Stop irritating your chap by saying “please love me again” all the time. It is normal for every guy to despise girls who bug them. If you cannot control your emotions, you better stop communicating with him, even through phone or email. If you just keep your space (which is the right thing to do), your boy will miss you. Who knows if he would crave for you back because he terribly misses you?

Preserve your self-dignity by acting as casual as you can be whenever he is around. When going out, dress up properly and make sure that your problem is not reflected on your dressing style. How about dressing in a striped st louis cardinals deer hunting t shirt and a polka dots skirt? For goodness sake, where’s your fashion style! Even though you are not used to dressing up a good pair, you have to be careful in what you are wearing now that your ex is gone because the difference you do in your fashion can create a big impact for him to adore you again.

If ever there is a chance to meet him, simply smile casually. Treat him like he is one of your friends because this will pave the way in getting the ex back. He will be left thinking how you can be so nice and normal to him despite the breakup thus he will admire you for it.

Just go on with everything that you are doing and before you know it, he will be at your door with his “I am sorry” note.

write by Ahmed Alatari