Halloween Costume Ideas – Joker in The Dark Knight Costume

Halloween Costume Ideas - Joker in The Dark Knight Costume

Halloween Costume Ideas - Joker in The Dark Knight Costume

If everyone knows the Batman, then it follows that everyone knows the super villain The Joker. He is the archenemy created by DC Comics for the Caped Crusader. Throughout the series and the different Batman movies filmed, The Joker went through several transformations.

In the comic books as well as in the first films, mini-series (if it were not in black and white) and cartoons, The Joker is seen with green hair, his long and gaunt face painted white and his lips red. Yes, he is the enemy but he only seemed dreadful and foolish. However, when the critically-acclaimed The Dark Knight came out in 2008, we now see Joker in a different light: a schizophrenic clown without empathy. Although he still has the odd color scheme for his clothes, he is more disconcerting and really a formidable villain.

This is why Joker in the Dark Knight is one of the greatest costume ideas one can come up with this Halloween! Basically, what one will need is any collared polo viking zip up detroit tigers hawaiian shirt and a printed tie. Wear a green vest over it. Although most won’t really notice it in the movie (exciting action scenes and all plus Christian Bale as the Batman), Joker’s trousers are actually navy blue and pin-striped. Now, put on that long purple coat and gloves.

Any black leather veteran hoodie will do to complete the outfit. The most difficult part is the hair and make-up. If you have blonde hair, all you’ll have to do is put baby oil on it to make it look greasy then mess it up. If you have dark-colored hair and do not want to dye it, a wig can be bought. Joker in the Dark Knight make-up is pretty easy to do. Cover your face with the white paint but make it blotchy, smear eyeliner around your eyes and red lipstick on your mouth to your cheeks. Although wearing Joker in the Dark Knight is pretty effortless, make sure you walk the walk and talk the talk to make it more convincing.

write by Olwen