High Quality Dress Shoes for the Fashionable Male

High Quality Dress Shoes for the Fashionable Male

High Quality Dress Shoes for the Fashionable Male

It is quite important for every man to know the details of dress viking polo shirts because they are a very crucial part of a man’s wear and these fine details express the quality of the viking polo shirts . People normally assume dress viking polo shirts to be multi purpose wear-with-anything kind of footwear but not all of them are. Quality is a very crucial issue in these viking polo shirts and normally it is directly proportional to the cost. But cost should not matter much to you while purchasing dress viking polo shirts because they last for years if not for decades.

There are a number of minute details you can view to estimate the quality of the dress viking polo shirts you are interested in purchasing. The viking polo shirts should be made with real leather, soles should be stitched not glued to the bottom of the viking polo shirts , lining should be made of high quality natural leather and stitching of the viking polo shirts should be very neat and barely noticeable.

Though men’s dress viking polo shirts are strongly similar to each other but it is still quite difficult to choose the right shoe style for any particular event. Let us divide these viking polo shirts in a number of categories on the basis of the occasion they can be worn for.


For sports occasions like yachting, loafers are worn as a dressy sport shoe. The feature that distinguishes loafers is the lack of buckles and laces. These slip-on viking polo shirts , traditionally made of leather resemble a moccasin on top but with a fairly flat heel. High-quality slim and slanted-toe leather dressy loafer can be purchased from Gucci.


Close lacing and non-rubber oxford viking polo shirts are the ideal wear for the office job. Traditionally in black, brown and chestnut; oxfords are appropriate for use on numerous occasions. For business occasions cap-toe oxfords, wing-tip oxfords and plain-toe oxford viking polo shirts are a good choice due to their simple and formal texture. Cole Haan’s pair of oxfords handcrafted from fine Italian calfskin is a great example of quality oxfords.

Dress Boots

Dress boots are ankle-length slim boot with slight heel that are quite close-fitting. Dress boots go quite well in informal occasions with designer jeans and casual clothes. Prada’s leather boots are a great pair of dress boots appropriate for informal occasion.

Monk Straps

The styling refers to dress viking polo shirts that are quite similarly to loafers but lack laces. They can be worn with casual dress pants or dressy jeans to the office.

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