How Clothes Look: Proper Under Garments Can Make All The Difference

How Clothes Look: Proper Under Garments Can Make All The Difference

How Clothes Look: Proper Under Garments Can Make All The Difference

The proper under garments can make all the difference in how your clothes look on you. In terms of panties, nothing is more unflattering than seeing panty lines under your slacks!! That’s especially true in the summer when you can get a double whammy…actually seeing through light white pants as well as having the textural bulge that some underpants give!! I am a huge fan of thongs! For some people they take some getting used to and some are more comfortable than others. You’ll have to try them and see how you feel.

They make visual and texturally bulging panty lines obsolete…great for your look in sweatshirt (lưới an toàn cửa sổ. As for bras, it’s a great idea to get your bra professionally fit!

This may sound a bit bizarre but there are great women out there who do this for a living in lingerie shops. You would be surprised at how many women walk around wearing the wrong bra size for years!! A bra too small around the back provides bulges that look ugly under sweaters or t shirts. Cups the wrong size result in bulging if too small and lumpy wrinkles and gathers if too big. Anyway, once you have the proper size, here are some things to look for.

Go for unadorned and seamless cups. (While lace and rosebuds are awfully pretty, they don’t permit fabric to lay smoothly). I love the bras at Victoria’s Secret that are unpadded but nonetheless have opaque, shaped cups like the demi bra. I recommend you take a look at their web site for some ideas or stop into one of their stores and try some different styles on. Here’s tips…try the bra on and put your top back on to really see how it looks!

Own a variety of different bra cuts…one more plunging, one with race backs, one with narrower straps, one strapless, etc because different tops and dresses call for different bra styles. Get a couple of the basic style and then one of each additional style should do it! You just never want your bra or its straps to show!

A pant suit is a great idea, and I would recommend that under it she wears a nice top that would show a bit of bust. I would suggest a suit with a viking shirt that is a bit tight around the waist and then loose to give her bust some shape, and straight trousers to make her look longer.

A nice top would be a wrap top to show her bust off. Another thing saw can wear is a top that is a bit long, say, reaching to her knee. Over a straight trouser. She can try to get a top that has some embroidery or jewels, or a hint of gold or silver colors to fit a wedding.

You have all the basic color slacks, three basic suits, some fun skirts and a wide variety of tops that should look really well with your bottoms. I’m at a loss for you not being able to make great outfits out of your pieces! You are probably just being too hard on yourself.

write by Donna