How to Clean a Chicken Coop

How to Clean a Chicken Coop

How to Clean a Chicken Coop

First of all, the good news is that you really only need to give your chicken coop a top to bottom cleaning about twice a year. You should change the bedding on the floor of the coop and in the nesting boxes at the very most, on a monthly basis, which will make the semi-annual cleaning a little easier. It is important to not let ammonia build up, which can be dangerous to the chickens and cause respiratory problems.

To begin, remove all the bedding material from the coop and nests, like you would on a monthly basis. Also remove any poultry feeders or waterers as well. Be sure to sweep out any left over debris. Any poultry manure that could be salvaged should be used as an organic fertilizer for the garden, or you could add it to a compost pile. Poultry manure fertilizers are now sold commercially in many garden centers, and you are lucky enough to get it for free! (well, sort of!)

Once all the bedding is removed, it is time to use your cleaner. You can make your own chicken coop cleaning solution if you like. Many experts recommend mixing your own as follows: One Part Bleach plus One Part Dish Washing Soap (antibacterial is probably best) plus 10 parts Water. Mix enough of this to be able to clean all surfaces thoroughly. Use a scrubbing brush and do a diligent job cleaning all areas including walls, floors, roosting bars, nesting boxes, etc. Once you are done scrubbing, rinse the entire coop out completely so no residue is left behind. Wait until the coop is dry before replacing the bedding and allowing the flock to come home to roost!

Scrub the poultry feeder and waterer out with the cleaning solution too, and then rinse them completely and allow them to dry before refilling. The entire task is probably easier if you use both a long handled scrubbing brush as well as a hand held one, and use each depending on the area you are cleaning. Plastic handle brushes are probably the most durable. An alternative to making your own solution to clean with is to use one of the popular citrus based cleaners on the market today.

Always wear sweatshirt (lưới bảo vệ cầu thang) suited for the job, and the same goes for footwear. Wearing waterproof gloves and even eye protection is not a bad idea either. Avoid coming in direct contact with the bedding, feces or any other solid matter that is soiled, and make sure there is good ventilation in the coop while you work. If you have electricity in the coop, be mindful of that with the water as well!

Depending on the size of the coop, you probably can finish in a few hours. Staying current with your monthly cleanups will make the task easier. If the process seems a little overwhelming at times, think of those farm fresh eggs that you get to pick all year! You could also consider inviting someone over for breakfast, and asking them to help clean to work off their meal!

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write by Eira