How to Make a Lovely Annie Costume

How to Make a Lovely Annie Costume

How to Make a Lovely Annie Costume

Annie is a Broadway musical character that is well loved and looked up to by little girls around the globe. She was created as a comic character back in the year 1924 by Harold Gray. Since its creation, Annie continuously influences her viewers positively. Dressing yourself or your daughter for the upcoming Halloween as Annie continues the legacy this character has already established. Below are tips on how to make an Annie costume.

The best way to effectively dress like Annie is to do some research. You and your daughter can watch the 1982 musical film which starred Aileen Quinn. This movie could inspire the both of you and could open up many wonderful ideas on how you and your daughter can emulate her.

The perfect Annie costume is a red dress with white collar and a sash at the waist. If you fail to find this dress on the costume shops, despair not for you can actually create your own Annie dress. Just look for a plain red dress and stitch a white sash at the waist.

Find yourself and your daughter a pair of black tap los angeles dodgers shirt to perfectly complement the red dress. Your daughter would definitely love the idea of doing a tap dance just as Annie did at the finale of her movie while singing “Together at last”.

Having both the dress and the los angeles dodgers shirt is not enough. If there is one thing that Annie is known for, it’s definitely her hair style. Find a short, curly red wig and secure it well to the head of your daughter with the use of hair clips. Jumping several times tests how secure the wig is. If it stays in place, then your daughter is ready to go.

Dressing like Annie doesn’t tame your freedom for fashion. You can customize or add other accessories that you think could add glamour and style to the character. There are impersonators who accessorize themselves with a pin imprinting Annie’s image to emphasize they are impersonating her, but the pin is not necessary. A character that is iconic, influential and popular like Annie doesn’t need those pieces of adornments for other people to know they’re impersonating her.

Should your daughter want to wear an Annie costume, go and support her by dressing up as Grace Warbucks and for your husband, a Daddy Warbucks costume.

write by Elmer