Mother of the Bride Dress and Mother of the Groom Dress Selection

Mother of the Bride Dress and Mother of the Groom Dress Selection

Mother of the Bride Dress and Mother of the Groom Dress Selection

Traditional Choices for Mother of the Bride Dresses and Mother of the Groom Dresses.

When your daughter or son tells you that they have decided to get married, you share in their excitement of love and get down to the thrill of helping plan a wedding. And, then in dawns on you – I am the mother of the bride or I am the mother of the groom. I’ve got to have a special dress also. Where do you begin?

Here are some of the traditional things you do and don’t do:

First, ask the bride what colors she is planning for the bridesmaids and maid/matron of honor to wear. You will want something to blend with these colors but do not choose the same color. More importantly don’t wear white as this is reserved for the bride and don’t wear black as you definitely are not in mourning. After these considerations, choose a color that compliments your skin and hair color. You probably already know which colors do this.

If the couple is planning a formal wedding, then you will want a long dress. If not, a short length will be more appropriate. Think about the time of year and weather conditions to determine color, style, and fabric. Do you want a suit type dress? Short and long length suit dresses are very attractive and if the wedding is to take place in cold weather conditions you will have the advantage of wearing a long sleeve jacket. Two-piece, or mock 2-piece, dresses are another option in both short and long lengths. You can usually find a good selection of these dresses with both short and long sleeves. And, finally, a one-piece dress is always elegant and beautiful. You can find these dresses with an array of necklines, sleeve lengths, bodice and skirt types in several fabrics and colors.

The mother of the bride usually gets first choice of colors and then the mother of the groom will choose another color.

What ever you choose get something comfortable and with a good fit so you can relax and enjoy the day.

Happy Weddings!

Sue Gray

write by Ethelbert