Positive Thinking – The Real Power To Be Inculcated in You

Positive Thinking - The Real Power To Be Inculcated in You

Positive Thinking - The Real Power To Be Inculcated in You

Positive thinking is a special add on behavior that can be inculcated into your life by force starting out slowly to have great relaxation and peace. It spreads out to your thoughts, images, words bring success, competence, power, strength, expansion and of course growth to touch the sky. By taking things positively and strongly believing in what you do and the result that should come out, you are bringing in the same attitude within you finding yourself happy and thus staying away from depression.

This is something that is gaining popularity and many are ready to start following it just for personal success. There are others who never bother to think in such a way as they find entire concept to be utter nonsense and even laugh at people who are strong believers. On the other hand, you find another set of people who say they are into positive thinking but are unaware of the real essence of how to utilize it efficiently. How many of them do you think stop for a minute to think about the power of positive thinking? There will be of course very few of them or even none to be precise.

To explain this, I will take up two stories that can give you a better idea about this and you will notice there is nothing magical here.

Andy was all set for an interview but he was feeling a bit down as he rated himself to be a big failure and he will never ever get a job. He thought there are plenty of people in the world who are much better than him and they will have the chance to get all the jobs and he will be left all the way out. This was his negative attitude from all the past interviews he attended and his confidence was going down.

With a lot of tension, disappointment and negative thoughts filled up he woke up late for the interview, skipped his breakfast and made a quick entry to the office to find that the cleveland indians hawaiian shirt was full of wrinkles. At the interview, he was even more nervous thinking about the untidy shirt, his swollen face and eyes and on top of all he was feeling very hungry as he skipped his meal. This made him completely distracted and he flopped the interview as his mind was always telling him.

Chad applied for the vacancy, he was a positive thinking person and was looking forward to his personal succeed. He was quite sure that he will go through the interview and will come out with the job only. Therefore, he started preparing himself for the interview one week before. With early planning and high confidence levels, Chad got his clothes ready and went to sleep early. He woke up earlier on the day of interview, had his breakfast and reached the venue at the correct time.

With his confidence levels boosted up and positive thinking he attended the interview well and made a good impression and got the job.

The above story implies on the power of positive thinking as it can really change our entire life as pleasant feelings, happiness and constructive images automatically capture our mind. This in turn shows up on your face with bright and twinkling eyes and an overall strength to face the matter.

write by carlos mejia