Product Review – Tom Gaskins Turkey Call

Product Review - Tom Gaskins Turkey Call

Product Review - Tom Gaskins Turkey Call

The Tom Gaskins Turkey Call has been around for a long time. “For more than 50 years, Tom Gaskins’ invention has remained one of the most unique and effective turkey callers ever made. This call is made from a single piece of wood without any glued parts. Compact enough to fit in a deer hunting t shirt pocket, these calls are hand-tuned to produce perfect hen sounds.” (Cabelas)

My personal experiences with this caller began over 40 years ago while hunting with my Dad. It was the only call my Dad used and he was a very successful turkey hunter.

The call is a hollow tube type caller and uses a wooden striker to make the sounds. The call is easy to use. Rub chalk on the caller lip and striker before you start and re-chalk about every 6 or 7 calls. After having some experience using the call, you’ll be able to tell when it needs re-chalking. Always use a soft type of chalk.

Hold the caller, with the cork end at the top, loosely between your thumb and fingers of your left hand. This hold will give the call a raspy note, which is what you want for Spring gobblers. Take the striker in your right hand and stroke it across the lip of the caller from left to right in a rocking motion. This makes the yelp. Use short quick strokes to make clucks. With a little practice, you’ll be making some really nice turkey talk with the Tom Gaskins Turkey Call. This is not a loud call, but very effective, especially on Spring Gobblers. I’ve found that gobblers will respond to this call when they ignore other calls.

If you store the chalk and striker inside the call, it will make lots of rattling noise, so you’ll need to cut a small piece of cloth to put inside of the call to eliminate the noise. This works great.

write by Mohammed Hamid