Self Protection – Self Defense – Your Worst Nightmare – Road Rage

Self Protection - Self Defense - Your Worst Nightmare - Road Rage

Self Protection - Self Defense - Your Worst Nightmare - Road Rage

There you are – driving along the freeway. Not a care in the world. You take a quick glance in your rear vision mirror. The lane seems clear. You indicate your intention to change lanes and commence the move. All of a sudden…

Brrrrrrrrrrrr – a car horn. It blares loudly. Frightens you. You didn’t see that vehicle. Had no idea it was there. Your heart lurches into your mouth at the realization that you almost collided with another vehicle.

Quickly you swerve back into your lane. But the car horn keeps blaring. You look across and here is this guy. He’s a big, scruffy looking guy with tattoos on his arms and he’s angry. He gives you the middle finger salute.

That wasn’t fair. You return the gesture.

He keeps blaring his horn. Now he is glaring at you, shaking his fist. You try to concentrate on the road ahead. You see a flash in your rear vision mirror. You glance. It’s him. He’s behind you. He’s too close. Tailgating. The front of his vehicle is so close it is almost touching your rear bumper. This is crazy. He is still honking like a maniac. Still shaking his fist.

You speed up. He speeds up. You slow down. He slows down. You change lanes. He follows. He’s still so close. This is dangerous. Every time you glance in the rear vision mirror he abuses you with obscene hand gestures. This guy is nuts. He is possibly on some cocktail of drugs or alcohol. Or both. Where is a cop when you need one?

You decide to slow down. People in other lanes begin to pass you. They leer at you with bemused looks on their faces. Now you are really frightened.

You look for an escape. You turn off the freeway. He follows. You travel a little further, turn left, turn right. Left. Right. Right. Now you are in unfamiliar territory. And this maniac is still right behind you.

After what seems an eternity he finally gives up the chase. You are so relieved. Up ahead there is a shopping centre. You make your way towards it. You pull in and park. Your heart is beating at a very fast rate. You are shaking like a leaf. Your hand can hardly turn off the ignition key.

After a few minutes your heart rate reduces to a more acceptable rate. But you are still shaking.

You reach for the ignition key to re-start the motor.

A car door slams nearby. You look left. You look right. Nothing. Then…

BANG! BANG! On the roof of your vehicle. You turn in the seat. It’s him. A big, hairy guy in a black t- los angeles dodgers st louis cardinals t shirt and dirty jeans. He has something in his hand – a tyre lever. Your heart sinks.

What do you do?

What mistakes did you make to get yourself into this terrible predicament?

write by Kelsey