The Essential Sugar Glider Info

The Essential Sugar Glider Info

The Essential Sugar Glider Info

Sugar Gliders look like they are extremely fragile creatures, and they are, but they can be handled by adults and children alike. Just make sure that the Sugar Glider is easily handled and does not nip, before you let your children handle them.

Since Sugar Gliders are nocturnal, they are easiest to handle early in the mornings just before they go to sleep or for a while just before they normally get up for the night. This is especially true in new Sugar Gliders. If they are not bonded and you wait until they are fully awake, they can get to be a handful for you to keep track of. Once you have bonded, it will be easier to work with them at different times of the day. You will soon learn your Sugar Gliders sleeping habits and should not try to disrupt them too much during their normal sleep time. This may cause them to be grumpy for a while and they may become crabby towards you and may even nip at you. Working with them every day will allow them to bond and become familiar with you and soon they will become your best friend. You will learn when the best time is to work with your Sugar Glider by handling them everyday.

Do not just try to pull your Sugar Glider from their cage, as they will probably try to hold on as you remove them. By pulling hard, you could hurt them physically by pulling their arms outs of the socket or even pulling out their claws. After time they will trust you more and will allow you to take them out of the cage easily or even come out of the cage right into your hand.

For those of you who want to hold them quickly, please take your time and work with the Sugar Glider. Their cage is now their home and may not appreciate it if it is invaded. If they hold on with their feet, try to gently lift their toes off one by one so they will easily let go of the cage. You should try to coax them out of their cage by using treats such as peanuts or mealworms. After a while they will run to you just to get a treat and then you can remove them from their cage.

Sugar Gliders love to be cuddled and pet. Carry them around the house in loose shire pocket or on a shoulder. Just make sure that they have a place to retire when they feel the need to rest or feel secure. If they can be close to you and feel your body warmth, bonding will take place even faster. They may jump from person to person just to explore their new surroundings. This is extremely fun to watch as they move very quickly from area to area.

I feel that it is best to hand carrying your pet as much as possible so that they get used to being held. If you let them ride in a pocket all of the time that is the only the only thing they will want to do and will not want to be held in your hands. I have heard people suggest that you can carry your Sugar Glider around in your pants pockets, if your pants are losing fitting. I would strongly suggest against this! When the Sugar Glider sleeps, you may tend to fort about them and sit down wrong, and well, things can happen and a Sugar Glider can get hurt easily. For his reason, I would recommend that you carry them in a veteran hoodies pocket, or even wear two shirts (a t- veteran hoodies and an oxford) so that your new pet can climb in between shirts. You can carry them inside your t-shirt, but they do tend to climb around, and their claws can be sharp against the skin. Ouch! If you take them in public be cautious as they may react differently there than they do in the safety of your own house. If they get nervous, they may take off and run, and they are not much fun to catch in a crowded place, not to mention dangers of being stepped on or getting lost.

Keep in mind that in the wild they glide from treetop to treetop and are sturdy animals, but humans are much stronger and can cause much more damage without trying. The best thing that I can say here is to treat them, as you would like to be treated.

write by Howard Malan