Thing One and Thing Two Costumes Guide

Thing One and Thing Two Costumes Guide

Thing One and Thing Two Costumes Guide

Know a couple of mischief makers?

Think their old costume of dressing up as two peas in a pod is just not doing the trick? For any set of two whether twins, friends, or partners in crime dressing up as Dr. Seuss’s Thing One and Thing Two is a terrific idea. Even while finding themselves in the middle of trouble, the dynamic duo are always having fun. And who could argue? With a red fleece body and electric blue hair life is nothing but a game. For parents with little time to spare these costumes can be put together quickly and economically. You will be able to take credit for two fantastic looking costumes, without breaking your back to do so.

Putting together the costume

You have many different options for putting together the costume. Easiest of all is buying already made outfits. Another simple solution is finding a plain set of matching red pants and a long sleeve shirt. For infants you might be able to get away with a one piece red sleeper made out of fleece. You will want the “Thing 1” and “Thing 2” logo across the center of the costume, so again an already made costume might be easiest. If you decide to make your own head to your local art supply store for white felt, black iron letters, and sewing equipment.

Start by tracing a small round plate onto two pieces of white felt and then cut out the pieces you need. Next iron on the letters to spell out Thing 1 and Thing 2 accordingly. Once your logos are complete you can sew or pin them onto the tops of your red costumes. Thing 1 and Thing 2 are nice and hair from shoulders to toe, so if you happen to have red egypt shirt , lace them up. You can try using red felt or a red magic marker to color egypt shirt of any other shade.

The arguably best part of Thing 1 and Thing 2 is their one of a kind hair. Fluffy bright blue and a tad eccentric, nothing else is like a Thing 1 and Thing 2 hair do. Trying to get away with normal hair dye certainly wont do. Having the right blue wig will make your costume complete and may come in handy for any other occasion to dress up. This Halloween show off that special bond and love for one of the greatest authors of all time while staying comfortable in a red fleece. For a family of three, thing one and thing two accompanied by a cat in the hat can be a great idea. Staying true to a Dr. Seuss theme might even win you some extra candy while trick or treating.

write by Theodore