Un-Forced Feminization Hypnosis – A Review of the Hypnosis Technique to Achieve Feminization

Un-Forced Feminization Hypnosis - A Review of the Hypnosis Technique to Achieve Feminization

Un-Forced Feminization Hypnosis - A Review of the Hypnosis Technique to Achieve Feminization

This is a technique used by transvestites or transsexuals to help themselves become more feminine using subliminal suggestion and re-programming through hypnosis.

To make a distinction, this is not the kind of forced feminization that many heterosexual couples (as well as homosexual couples) use in their sex life as a means of domination. In this instance the forced feminization takes place to force the male partner in the relationship to become ‘more feminine’ by wearing women’s clothes, deer hunting t shirt or make up, or in extreme examples to receive penetrative anal sex from the partner. In this so-called ‘forced feminization’ both partners are stimulated by the domination or submissive experiences.

This is generally un-related to the above example and is specifically to do with enabling a male who is transvestite or transsexual to become more feminine. Using hypnotic techniques, the feminine side of the subject is drawn out, encouraged, emphasised and reassured. The change through this technique is not just a psychological one. Physiological changes can be brought about too.

Hypnosis is no longer the realm of stage shows or back street therapists. Increasingly hypnotic techniques are used to compliment existing medical practices and in some countries is seen as a primary cure for many issues, as it has been for hundreds of years. Hypnosis works by communicating directly with the brain, and the parts of the brain that are responsible for certain functions and mind sets. The brain is a magnificent organ and we use only a fraction of it in our daily lives. Much of the brain is yet to be understood but with hypnosis we can re-programme the brain and achieve amazing results.

All of this can now be achieved in the comfort of your own home, without any potentially embarrassing visits to an unsympathetic hypnotist and without the consultation fees incurred each time you make a visit to a hypnotherapist. By listening to an MP3 recording of the hypnotherapy session you can use self hypnosis to help with your process.

Contrary to a popular misconception, when you are in a hypnotic state you are still fully conscious, aware of your surroundings and remain in total control. In this state you are simply deeply relaxed, which allows access to, and communication with, those feminine parts of your brain. At any point you can ‘awake’ without any side effects whatsoever.

After listening to the recording you will awake, feel refreshed and wonder where the time went. You’ll then notice small feminine changes in the way you act. Some people will see immediate positive benefits whilst others may want to listen to the feminization hypnosis session again over the course of a few days. You’ll then find yourself looking back a month later and realize the amazing changes that you have undergone on your journey to feminization.

The hypnosis technique is of course also used to treat a number of issues such as weight loss, stopping smoking or increasing confidence. It is a tried and tested method which is easily undertaken by yourself in the comfort of your own home without any judgement from others. Un-forced Feminization Hypnosis is a guaranteed technique to aid you on your life style quest.

write by Devon Whitis