You Can Have Anything You Want

You Can Have Anything You Want

You Can Have Anything You Want

Did you ever hear this statement before?

“You can have anything you want.”

What were your response when you heard or seen this statement?

For me, I understand it in theory, but I have doubt about it. I wanted to believe it, but I couldn’t do it wholeheartedly. It’s impossible to have anything you want. It can’t be done.

I never have the experience of having whatever I want. In fact, I had more experiences of not having what I wanted since young. That Transformers toy, that Nike viking sweatshirt , I can’t have them because my parents don’t print money. Do you have similar experience?

All of that doubt dissipated.

I had an amazing experience last couple of days. I totally get it! I believe that I can have everything I want. I have the ability and capability to create anything.

I was in a class where I didn’t get any value out of it the whole morning as the pace was pretty slow. When I was back after lunch, the class went on. I do not want to leave without me getting any concrete value that day. So I asked myself, “how can I generate value from here?”

I picked up my notebook, started generating questions, learning points and applications from the discussion. These are my greatest lessons of the day. I created lessons and values for myself. That day my greatest lesson wasn’t from the discussion. My greatest lesson was generating whatever I want whenever I want it.

I now believe that I can create and generate anything I want.

First of all, it’s about taking 100% responsibility. This seems easy, but xtactually it’s not. Because it’s so easy to blame others or the circumstances for your experience. It’s easier because you do not have to do anything or change anything by blaming. You expect others to change so that you can have your experience or expectation met. You are turning the attention outside.

Once you start looking for answers outside, you are disempowered. You become a victim when you search for answers out there. A victim can’t generate or create anything for themselves. A victim hopes that someone or circumstances will change. Chances are nothing will change.

You can only become powerful by taking a look inwards. What can you do to change your experience? How can you do to create or generate anything you want? This gets you into power.

With this power, you can create anything you want, including wealth, health and relationship.

Are you ready to re-possess your power?

write by jeff gaither